A whole bunch of reviews!

We owed you all a whole bunch of reviews – and we finally caught up, and wrote a big part of them! Here’s a couple of rooms we visited:

Classroom of Doom – Enigmarium escape room in Ljubljana, was (sadly) the last of their rooms in Ljubljana for us to visit. As you might figure out, we’re huge fans of their rooms, as Enigmarium escape rooms were one of the best escape rooms experiences we had so far. Classroom of Doom was no different, once again, a great escape room from Enigmarium team.

We visited Salvation room quite a while back, but were really really late with the review. Finally, it’s here :).

Those were the most recently visited rooms. Here’s a few others that we visited a while back, and now, finally, reviewed them:

School of thieves in Barcelona

The vampiress of Barcelona in, well, Barcelona 🙂

That’s only the first batch of the new reviews, we still have a few to write, so keep an eye out for the second batch of our reviews!

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