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At EscapeRoomsMaster, we’ve put a huge amount of time and energy to make it a live, active and user friendly page – a gathering place for fellow escape room junkies with active blog, escape room registrations and listings and a user profile pages with weekly puzzles and other interesting things to offer.

If you like the idea behind our page, and would like to show your appreciation, a small donation would help a lot towards our cause, and at least cover the expenses for hosting and reward us a bit for hundreds of hours put into the website. If you decide to support us, we’ll make it up to you with letting your escape rooms shine a little bit brighter on our page, and offer you some goodies!

If you like the idea behind our page, please, support us and help us continue to make this website awesome!

Upgrade your company account to Premium!

We’re offering you an upgrade for your company account on EscapeRoomsMaster. You can read more about account types here. With the upgrade to the premium account, you can not only support our efforts of making a great escape room site, but also get some additional options that can make your escape room stand out a bit more on our website!

Upgrade now!

Here’s what you get:

A special marker on the map!

On a page where escape rooms from your town are listed, we are showing a map with the location of your, and all the other registered escape rooms that entered their location. With Premium account, your rooms will show with a special, a tiny bit bigger and shinier marker on the map, making your rooms stand out from the rest!

Upload pictures to your rooms!

An option to upload the pictures to your rooms and not only your company profiles is already available for the Ultimate accounts, but now we’re making them available for everyone with a Premium account also! Upload an image of your room and show the visitors what they can expect!

Add a “book now” button to your room!

Enter a “book now!” link! Direct your future customers directly to the booking page, making it easier for them to book your rooms!

Raise your social network presence!

Add links to your Facebook pages to your rooms and company profile, to add the “Like” button directly on the room page, or your company profile page. Those thumbs up are now just a click away!

Enter detailed pricing for your room!

Enter the detailed pricing for your room! If the pricing for your rooms is based on how many visitors there are, you can enter the different price groups, and display them on your room page!


If you’d like to support us, and receive our thanks in form of bonuses listed above, follow the link and check out how you can do that:
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