The vampiress of Barcelona - escape room in Barcelona, Spain
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The vampiress of Barcelona

An escape room in Barcelona, Spain
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This room is available in english.
Around 1913, many young children disappeared. Can you figure out what happened to them, and maybe still save some of them?

Room information:

Address: C. Nàpols, 255 bis, 08025, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 93 461 82 22
Company: Not registered
2 - 6
Number of people
20 EUR per person
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

What we say about this room:

Another EscapeHunt escape room in Barcelona that we visited. The welcome was similarly awesome, with deep story connection, and a good explanation and introduction to the room.

The design, the same as in the school of thieves, goes really well with the story – and so do the puzzles. Overall, the puzzles are maybe a bit easier, but still challenging enough – we barely got out in time (with 2 people visiting). There is a few nice techniques used in the room, and a few nice surprises are waiting for you.

The debriefing was once again, very nice, and exactly how a debriefing should look like (and more).

Overall, a very enjoyable room. I must say, in spite of the weird puzzle in the thieves room (from the same company), I enjoyed that one a bit more. Maybe it’s the thematic that was a bit closer to me, or just the puzzles themselves.

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