Your escape master profile page

After registering on EscapeRoomsMaster, a profile will be created for you. You can access it by visiting your account. Please note that your account look can slightly differ from the image below.

1 – Your information

Your profile picture, profile name and town and country where you live. You can edit this information by following the Edit your account link below your information.

2 – Your Escaperoomsmaster rank

Your rank on EscapeRoomsMaster. Your rank depends on the number of rooms you’ve visited, number of reviews you’ve written etc. Read more about ranking up.

3 – the badges you earned

A list of badges you earned on EscapeRoomsMaster. You can earn badges by logging in, writting reviews, adding the rooms to our page, liking us on Facebook and some other ways, that remain for you to find :).

4 – a list of escape rooms you visited

A list of the escape rooms you already visited. When you are logged in to your account and are viewing a room, you have a new option available to you – to add the room to the list of the ones you visited. Choose the option, and voila! The room has been added to your list.


It can happen, of course, that a room you visited is not registered on our page yet. If that happens, please use this form to add the room on the page.

5 – your reviews

Your reviews on EscapeRoomsMaster. Let others know what you think about the rooms you visited and how did you like your experience. You can review the room while viewing its details. Please, read our guidelines for reviewing escape rooms before you do.