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You can review escape rooms on EscapeRoomsMaster easily – just rate the room based on four criteria, let us know who you are and share your experience. Let’s have a look at what the criterias are and what should you be rating:

review escape rooms

Review escape rooms – what to keep in mind

1. Puzzles

Keep in mind, how logical and well connected the puzzles were. Was everything connected smoothly or were you just thrown in middle of many separated puzzles? Were they logical, or were you still wondering what just happened after you came out of the room? How many puzzles were there – just about right, or way too few? How about hints from your room master – were they timed nicely, and helpful (or did they rather confuse you even more)?

2. Design

Did the room follow the idea behind it? Was the look of the room and the items in it connect with the idea and story behind the room? Did the design and look of the room engage you?

3. Atmosphere

How was the atmosphere in the escape room? How were the room masters? Were they in a good mood, chatty, enthusiastic together with you? Did they explain the rules well, was the welcome nice? Did they talk with you a bit after the room, answering your questions (if you had any)?

4. Fun for money

Your overall score of the room. Did you enjoy it? Did you get a feeling that you got enough of fun and challenge for the money you payed? This is your personal overall rate, so you can count in any extreme (may it be good or bad) in this criteria.

Spam and unapproved reviews

We reserve the right to remove any comments that we rule to be spam reviews. Please, refrain from using profane language. We have a ZERO SPOILERS tolerance – any comments containing any spoiler about puzzles in the room can and will be removed. Please, fill in the comment aswell – especially, when giving an extremely positive or extremely negative opinion. We can remove extremely negative or extremely positive reviews, if they do not contain an explanaiton, and we will treat them as spam review.

Our reviews policy last changed: 9.8.2015

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