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After quite a while, first in a row of additions to the website is coming live, into the testing phase. You can expect a couple more upgrades in the following few months, all targeted at broadening the number and type of information we gather on the website. Ready for it? First upgrade covers discounts for escape rooms!

How to add a discount?

It’s quite easy! Every escape room company, registered on our website has an option in their account administration, to add a discount to the website. As everything is still in the early stages, please, be patient if you encounter any bugs – we’ll work around the clock to fix any issues you may have, just let us know at

You will be prompted to enter some basic information about the discount, discount type, when it’s valid, and how can the visitors claim it.

And then what?

After adding the discount, and if it’s active, it will show up on a couple of places:

The discounts lists

Every country and certain cities, have their own pages, with all the discounts that are available listed. When checking more information about the discount, the visitors should get all the information they need about the discount, as well as the discounted escape room.

Your escape room page

On the page of the discounted escape room, there will be a note that the room offers a discount, with a link to an active discount page.

Escape room lists

Your discounted escape room gets a badge on lists of escape rooms in your country and city, as well as your company profile page.

Plans for the future

Based on activity connected to the discounts feature, we are planning to make posts on our social media profiles, and later on, newsletters, about the latest discounts added on our website – for both, your promotion, and for informing of the escape room junkies around Europe about the latest deals they can snatch!

Your responsibility

Your responsibility, as an escape room owner, is to keep the information up to date. Is the discount not active any more? Make sure to remove it from the page – we don’t want any bad mood from your visitors!

Also, importantly, we are not fans of price dumping, and this is not why we added this feature to the website! We just wanted to give you a way to promote your already existing discount, and sell your less popular time slots, not encourage you to add new discounts just for the sake of it!

Ready to give it a go?

Log in to your company account, and add any discounts you might offer. If you run into any problems whatsoever, or have an idea how to improve this feature, please, let us know at!

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