Weekly puzzles

Starting monday, 11.1.2016, weekly puzzles are available on EscapeRoomsMaster! You’ll need an EscapeRoomsMaster account to fully enjoy them (or, to say differently, to check if you found the right solution to out puzzles!).

You can access the weekly puzzles archive here, and you have a link to the latest weekly puzzle on your account!

With solving the puzzles, additional to gaining enormous satisfaction, you gather Escape Rooms Master points, to help you to rank up.

Time limit

Weekly puzzles change every Monday, and are available until Sunday evening. You can still solve them at a later time, but they will not count towards your EscapeRoomsMaster points. Will you solve them before the bell?

Types of puzzles – what can you expect

There will be different types of puzzles available – from code puzzles, to math puzzles, sequence puzzle, sound and image connected puzzles and some puzzles that are only made possible because they are available on the internet :).

We already have a long selection of them planned, so make sure to check them out each week – some of them are real breathtakers!

You might be on to something! Create your EscapeRoomsMaster account and log in to check what it might be!