What is an escape room

An escape game is a rel life adventure, in which you are locked inside a room filled with puzzles with a couple of friends with one goal – reveal the secret behind the room and find a way out using clues and, mosty, your brain and logic to find a way out – in the time given.

How does it work?

So how does everything work? You should usually get to escape rooms at least about 10 minutes before your booking time. That gives your room master enough time to explain the basic rules and story behind the room so you know what you can expect.

You and your group are then locked inside of a room and the time starts counting down. You usually have 60 minutes to get out of the room.

Who is an escape room for?

Escape room is appropriate for a wide variety of visitors. Most escape rooms have close to none phisical requirements and are doable for people of all ages and gender. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a group of students, high-schoolers, mature age or older people, you should be able to solve the puzzles and escape from the room.

What do we need to know before going to an escape room?

The room masters explain the basic rules, that can vary a bit from room to room before you enter the room. Don’t worry – room masters are in most cases, very friendly people and are there to help you! We’ve put together a list of hints for visiting escape rooms, that you can check out. Most of all, there is nothing to worry about – escape rooms are about having fun with your group while solving puzzles, there is no real preparation needed.

Are escape rooms scary?

Is there a more sensitive person in your group and you don’t want the room to be scary? Nothing to worry about, a large majority of the rooms aren’t scary at all. Actually, there are really just a few rooms we woould call scary. Still, if you aren’t sure, the name of the room usually gives away quite a bit. Exploring a tomb? Well, you probably cannot expect rainbows and unicorns down there. Looking for a lost present Santa misplaced? Probably nothing bad can happen there :).