Pyramid - escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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An escape room in Warsaw, Poland
You are in Egypcian Pyramid which exudes the unkown energy. What mysterious Pyramid hide from you? Are you able to find the way to escape?

Room information:

Address: Przyrynek 28, Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48884884839
Company: Dom Zagadek
2 - 6
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
120 PLN per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 minutes
Time available.

What we say about this room:

Pyramid is quite high up on the ranking of escape rooms in Warsaw, and it was quite the logical choice for us to visit – with expectations set quite high.

The introduction to the room was rather a bit clumsy. Even though we asked for the room in English in advance,  the welcome and rules explaining was done somewhat poorly. The entrance room in quite nice with a few puzzles set on the table, to keep yourself busy.

After the introduction, we were taken to the room, and the design of it is really convincing – you could say you are trapped in the real pyramid! Everything looks neat and very well designed.

The puzzles are also quite well designed. Quite a few are a bit more technologically advanced, and surprising, one being a real mind-blower. Overall, everything is quite nice and logical, and we only had a problem with one puzzle (that was, when we figured it out, also quite easy :)).

For the debriefing, it was on a level of introduction, so somewhat lacking in general. Not much more than payment and short talk – no pictures taken, explanation of the puzzles or chit-chat, what we value quite highly in a room.

If it’d be only up to design and puzzles, the room would rank very highly up on the rankings – the room itself is quite awesome. We’re, however taking into the account the whole escape room experience, and with lacking intro and debriefing, it wasn’t top of the top (as it could be).


Overall score of this room:

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8.1 Total Score
Great room, with sadly, poor intro and debriefing

Fun for money
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