Time Machine - escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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Time Machine

An escape room in Warsaw, Poland
This room is available in english.
Get lost in three different time periods and find what connects all of them! Stargate is opened and right in front of you. Will you be able to put it into motion?

Room information:

Address: Escape Room Warsaw Inżynierska 1 street 00-655 Warszawa METRO DWORZEC WILEŃSKI, Warsaw, Poland
E-mail: biuro@roomescape.pl
Phone: +48 22 118 30 62
2 - 5
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
150 PLN per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

What we say about this room:

Time machine was the first room in a series of four we visited in our two day stay in Warsaw. It set the standard up quite high for the rest of them :).

The introduction to the room was quite nice. The room master was friendly, and got us to know the story behind the room, as well as the rules in a nice way. The place itself also looks neat and everything looks professional.

When entering the room you get familiar with the story and can begin to explore it and solve puzzles. The whole concept of the room is somewhat different and offers some unique mechanics – and we liked it a lot! It really brings a bit of diversity to the escape rooms, which is, sometimes, quite needed – and this room does it in a very nice way. The puzzles themselves were also quite nice, and nicely and logically connected. There wasn’t one specific puzzle that’d stick out, but the whole experience just leaves a nice warm feeling. The room isn’t all that difficult and we managed to get out with about 10 minutes left (with us being only 2 people – but being quite familiar with escape room concepts).

Maybe they could wait a bit more with hints though, as they were a bit too early – it’s probably also a part of why we got out quite soon. The debriefing was somewhat lacking. When we got out of the room another group was already waiting (not sure if they were early or what was the situation), but we were quite quickly escorted outside (with only 1 room master that we could see, quite reasonable) – but still leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste to otherwise a very nice room.

Overall score of this room:

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8.8 Total Score
A very nice room with a very interesting concept!

A nice escape room with quite a unique concept and logical, well connected puzzles.

Fun for money
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