The Classroom of Doom - escape room in Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Classroom of Doom

An escape room in Ljubljana, Slovenia
This room is available in english.
The Classroom of Doomescape room in Slovenia
A grave nightmare: staying after school, locked in the office of the mad professor. Only the bravest will dare to enter under lock and key. Will you be able to decipher the codes and unravel the logic games to escape from detention?

Room information:

Address: Trdinova 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: + 386 (0) 31 33 44 88
2 - 7
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
60 EUR per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 minutes
Time available.

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Classroom of Doom was the last Enigmarium room for us to visit – even though it was the first escape room they made. This time, we visited it with 2 other friends – and we flawlessly mastered the room!

The intro to the room was, once again, very nice. Fluent English, great room master, and great, friendly introduction to the room – exactly as it should be (and a bit better). After a bit, we are taken into detention after class – not what anyone wishes for. Time to escape!

We moved through the puzzles quite fast. It is supposedly one of the more difficult rooms, especially not being totally linear, but our team of four wasted only little time. It doesn’t mean they are too easy – they were just about right, and we were all a bit experienced escape rooms visitors. In the end, we got out without a hint, with quite a bit of time left. For the puzzles themselves, there was no jawdropper (that one puzzle that would really blow your mind), and a few of them are quite basic – but overall all the puzzles were very nice, logically connected and just left a nice feeling in the end.

The design of the room is very nice, and there’s a couple of twists that we really didn’t see coming.

The debriefing, once again, was masterful. A nice chat with the room master, and we were on our way. A great escape room experience in Ljubljana!

9 Total Score
Another fantastic escape room from Enigmarium!

Our second favorite room in Ljubljana!

Fun for money
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