SPY AT THE PRESIDENT’S - escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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An escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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Room information:

Address: , Warsaw, Poland
E-mail: biuro@teamexit.pl
Website: http://en.teamexit.pl/
Company: Not registered
2 - 6
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
179 PLN per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

What we say about this room:

Spy at the president’s was the third room we visited in a mini-marathon in Warsaw. With the price a bit higher, we were expecting a superb escape room experience. We were a bit disappointed.

The intro was quite nice – a short movie, explaining the story behind the room, and a nice room master.

We entered the room, and everything started quite nicely. The first few puzzles were very nicely designed, and quite logical. After the first part (maybe half) of the puzzles, it started to get a bit weird. First, one of the locks malfunctioned, and opened with the wrong combination. Hmm, okaaay. There was one puzzle that was absolutely, well, not logical. You could totally understand it in another way, and it’d even make more sense in the end. Also, reusing the same information for two parts of the puzzle feels kind of weird. I’m, even when we were helped with hints, not sure how we were supposed to figure it out.

A part of a technically (not even that much) advanced puzzle was not working also – not sure what the problem was there. The time was running out, and we barely scratched the surface of the secondary mission (yes, the room has primary and secondary mission – thumbs up for that at least! 🙂). The exit from the room is done quite nicely also – yet we had a feeling we missed a big part of the room. We were also not offered an explanation, or walkthrough at the end.

The visual design, however, is done very nicely, and is probably the best part of the room.

Overall, the room just seemed… too difficult. Or maybe, not logical enough. Really the first room we visited, and felt stupid when leaving it. And it’s not a nice feeling :).

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7.5 Total Score
First room that made us feel like idiots when leaving ;(

Fun for money
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