Prison cell - escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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Prison cell

An escape room in Warsaw, Poland
This room is available in english.
Prison cellescape room in Poland
Classic scenario of “escape the room” games. Get yourself locked in a prison cell and follow the hints left by the previous prisoner. Your goal is simple: you have 60 minutes to escape, but it won’t be as easy as it sounds… Book a spot and find out yourself!

Room information:

Address: Barcicka 5, Warsaw, Poland
Phone: (+48) 22 266 89 66
Company: Enigma Room
2 - 3
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
100 PLN per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

What we say about this room:

We visited the Prison cell during our across-the-Europe trip. Sadly, we cannot say it was a great experience for us. We actually booked another room from the same company, but were told there was not enough of us (it was 3 people), even though the website and booking said the room is for 3 people or more. A bit weird, and not pleasant, but we decided to switch to the prison cell.

The introduction wasn’t all that bad. Not too smooth, but still, we got everything going. The start of the room was really awesome – it raised our hopes really high. Sadly, the rest of the experience was somewhat sub-par.

The room design was somewhat sub-average. Not much to say there – as there was not much of a room. The puzzles themselves were a bit wonky. Nothing special, rather a bit disappointing and there wasn’t really too many of them to begin with. The room is relatively small. Even the communication with the room master was a bit weird – we were told to knock on the doors if we wanted help. Yeah.

After getting out of the room, the debriefing was basically non-existent (apart from paying).

Overall, quite a disappointing escape room experience. Might have been the room master (that was obviously a student), but, did not leave a good impression.


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