Follow the white rabbit - escape room in Warsaw, Poland
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Follow the white rabbit

An escape room in Warsaw, Poland
This room is available in english.
Entering a wonderland through the looking-glass, is much easier than common knowledge suggests. You just follow the white rabbit. The difficult part is returning… Since only Mr. Rabbit knows the way out, you will have to follow in his footsteps. Pay attention to your surroundings. This world has two faces. Nothing is what it seems at first glance.

Room information:

Address: WILCZA 66/68, Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 792 672 341
Company: QuestHunt
2 - 4
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
160 PLN per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

What we say about this room:

The last room we visited in our mini-marathon of Warsaw escape rooms. At this point, we were kind of disappointed with the atmosphere in Warsaw escape rooms and really – and I guess we had to wait until the last to change that :).

Finally, an awesome welcome and introduction! I’m probably a bit biased when writing that, but hearing fluent English after a long time was like music to my ears. It was a pleasure to meet the room owners – they are really awesome and interesting, real escape room enthusiasts.

Soon, we enter the room with a mission – to follow the white rabbit and find our way out of the mysterious land. The design of the room is absolutely phenomenal. Probably, the room I liked most design-wise up until now, and it fits the theme very nicely.

The puzzles were really nicely and logically connected. They weren’t too difficult – even just the two of us didn’t have much problems with them. The room, with its dreamy design and theme, is very suitable for children. It definitely brought out my inner child :). Otherwise the puzzles are quite nice, and some of them are quite impressive.

The debriefing, again, was very nice, very chill, and just very cozy. Could sit and chat for hours :).

Overall, a great room – it kind of shares the spot of our favorite room in Warsaw with one more, but for different reasons. Awesome design and atmosphere are really strong points of this one.

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