Weekly puzzles on EscapeRoomsMaster

As a part of our escape rooms master profile pages, we’re preparing weekly puzzles for our visitors. Each Monday, a new puzzle awaits you! From math sequence puzzles, to image connected puzzles, to many other types of puzzles – something for everyone!

Solve them – every week!

While the puzzle is active, you gain escape rooms master points, that, among other activities on our site, help you rank up your account on EscapeRoomsMaster!

And check out the ones you may have missed!

Even if you miss, or already missed some of them, you can still take a look, and try to solve them – just visit the weekly puzzles archive and dig in! 🙂 They won’t count towards your escape rooms master rank though!

Don’t miss out on the fun puzzles we’ve got in stock for you, create your account on our page, and battle a new challenge each week!

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