Get your rooms a special place on EscapeRoomsMaster!

We prepared a special offer for escape room owners with their rooms registred on our site – get a special place for your escape rooms for up to two months, absolutely free!

At this point, we do not offer payed featured rooms position. For now, we’ll only be awarding them to the most active room owners on our site – and this is your first chance!

Rules of the competition:

On Saturday, March 5th, the owners of escape rooms with MOST REVIEWS (not the best score!) on our website will receive special bonuses:

1st place: 2 months of featured room spot on a country page, and 2 cities page of your choice.

2nd place: 1 month of featured room spot on a country page, and 1 city page of your choice.

3rd place: 1 month of featured room spot on a country page of your choice.

Please, note that reviews should follow the rules for reviewing rooms on EscapeRoomsMaster, or they might be flagged as spam! If you want to read more about featured room positions on EscapeRoomsMaster, click here. We’d suggest to point your visitors, Facebook fans or anyone that you think would like to tell the world how awesome your escape rooms are, to your company profile, with all your escape rooms listed – and let the best rooms rise to the top!

Don’t miss out on your chance to make your escape room shine a little bit brighter!

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