An escape room experience – at home?

Escape rooms are great to visit – I think we all agree on that. However, did you ever want to organize an escape room at your home?

With an active kickstarter campaign, Escape room in a box offers you just that!

What about an evening with your friends and family, away from the TV screens, but rather sitting behind a table together. Prepare some snacks, grab a drink, then sit down together and enjoy an hour of fun – it’s as close as being  in an escape room as you can be – at home!

The kickstarter campaign is still active, and you can support it, and receive your version of Escape room in a Box for as low as 45$ (or a bit more with shipping to Europe). The project is already a great success and funded well over its goals, and it really deserves to be! Make sure to back them and reserve your own copy – we cannot wait to try it out!

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