Valentine’s day in an Escape room?

The time is nigh, the 14th of February is closer and closer. This year, instead of flowers, cuddly teddy bears and chocolates, let us offer you an alternative to usual Valentine’s day presents!

First things first, we have to say that it might not be the best choice for everyone. If your better half expects something cute and cuddly (other than yourself, of course! :)) or something sweet, you may be taking a unnecessary risk by choosing a more unusual gift. You certainly know how open to something different your partner is. We, however, put up a list of why visiting an escape room may be a great place for spending you Valentine’s day.

Spending (active) time together

Finding time to spend together is sometimes just not as simple as it sounds. Why not spend the time you have together a bit more active as usual? Also, there is no better way to make sure you’ll spend an hour together than taking your loved one to an escape room. No escape there! 🙂


Communication will be a key to your success in an escape room! Your communication skills will really be at a test! Will you share all your finds with each other, helping you to escape?


Cooperation between the two of you will be the second key to success – solve the countless puzzles together, and beat all the obstacles put in front of you – together!


There is no question – successfully beating an escape room will only bring you together! The satisfaction, that together, just the two of you solved a murder mystery, escaped from zombies, stole a diamond – whatever the room’s thematic might be, is great. Become a real little Bonnie and Clyde, Mr. Sherlock and Mrs. Watson or last survivors on Earth – satisfaction guaranteed!

So, just maybe, instead of wine and dine-ing your partner, this year, take them to an Escape room. You just might find the key… to their heart! 🙂

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