Escape room gift certificate – the perfect gift?

Time around Christmas is probably quite a stressful time for everyone. What to get for the people we are close to, can be a really difficult question. Maybe they don’t have any apparent hobbies or interests, maybe we don’t even know them all that well. Maybe, we just don’t want to buy another thing, that will end on the top, or in one of their closets.

Escape rooms games have dramatically grown in popularity, in Europe as well as USA and the rest of the world. They cater to wide specter of visitors, most obvious being gamers, adventurers, puzzle lovers, and, well, everyone that likes a challenge, and to have a good experience. Families, companies, young, old, couples, or groups of friends – everyone seems to be having a great time in (quality) escape rooms. Quite a few Escape room companies offer special Christmassy gift card certificates for visiting their rooms. They top the escape room experience with nicely designed, present-ready gift cards. Could they offer us a solution for our search for the perfect present?

Most of the people really, really, (really) enjoy their time in escape rooms. Even if it’ll be their first room, there is an enormous chance that they’ll like it.

Why can a gift certificate for Escape room be the right choise?

The first reason you should consider choosing an escape room gift certificate for a present is, that most of the people really, really, (really) enjoy their time in escape rooms. Even if it’ll be the first room they’ll visit, there is an enormous chance that they’ll like it.

It also means actively spending their time, let it be with their friends, or maybe, if you’ll be lucky, even you, and you can experience the room together. A great bunch of escape room groups are families! It just might make sure you spend that extra little bit of time together :).

Last, but not least – the gift certificate cards (usually) come with a nice design, perfectly ready to be gifted. Running late with your shopping this year? It might not be a bad choise at all!

…And why it might not be.

As great as everything sounds, you should consider a couple of things before you jump in.

It might not be the best choice for someone that is is always running out of time. Keep in mind that an average visit to an escape rooms takes about an hour and a half, if your game master (and your group) feel chatty, it might be even a bit more.

It sometimes happens that the group just starts arguing among themselves, and it kind of goes all downhill from there – it’s (really) rare occasions, but we’ve seen it happen. It really ruins the escape room experience, so be the judge of character and take it in consideration if the person you intend to buy the gift certificate to, might just not be a team player and may be arguing by nature, or just easily frustrated. It might not be such a perfect gift for such a person.

All in all…

we believe a gift certificate, in most cases, can be a great gift. If you are (really) late for your Christmas and New Years shopping, check out the local escape room companies – they just might have the thing for you!

And what do you think? What are some pros and some cons to Escape room gift certificates as gifts? What to keep in mind when deciding to buy one?

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  1. Reply Lisa 27th December 2015 at 5:27 am

    In 2 years of owning an Escape Room Game, I’ve never known people to argue in our games to the point of having a poor experience. Could be how we run our games though. Gift Certificates are great!

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