Become EscapeRoomsMaster!

Do you like puzzles, and/or are you an escape room enthusiast? We’ve got something for you!

We opened registrations for individuals on EscapeRoomsMaster – and we think it’ll be perfect for you!

You can create your EscapeRoomsMaster profile quickly and easily, and gain access to the many options we already offer you, and even more options that will be available in the future!

Make a list of visited rooms, write reviews, solve weekly puzzles – and rank up!

Your profile will rank up based on several criteria – the escape rooms you visited, your reviews, and many more, earning you badges and new ranks as you write reviews, or are, in general, active on our site. Do you think you have it in you to become EscapeRoomsMaster?

Besides writing reviews and making your personal escape room list, we also prepared weekly puzzles for you! Each week, a new puzzle awaits you, and solving it will not only grant you the satisfaction of being the clever one, but also, in time, help you rank up!

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    This blog post has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking, thanks.

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