Worried about visiting an Escape Room? Don’t be!

For all of the escape room junkies out there – you already know that a great escape room experience puts fun and sense of accomplishment to a whole new level. But can you remember how you felt before your first visit to an escape room? I think no one was a 100% sure what exactly to expect, and new things can be scary for everyone. We’ve gathered a couple of things that can cross the mind of a first timer and can put them off from visiting an escape room – and put most of the doubts to rest once and for all!

Escape rooms are just not for me!

Some people just straight forward decide that escape rooms just might not be their thing. While some may be right, a large majority is missing out on a great experience. Escape rooms are suitable for people of all ages (there might be a minimum age requirement in some rooms), all occupations and areas of expertise. Families, couples, groups of friends, coworkers, and many other types of groups are frequent visitors of escape rooms – and mostly, everyone is loving it!

I’m easily scared. I better “nope” out of here.

A lot of escape rooms are not scary at all! It can vary a bit from room to room – there are loads of different themes of the room out there – there are vaults, fairy tale lands, detective offices, classrooms on one side and haunted hostels (or hotels), tombs, zombie rooms on the other side. The theme and the description of the room can give you quite a good idea of what you can expect to find inside. If you’re a real scaredy cat, you’ll probably want to avoid the tomb, zombie, and other horror-like themed rooms out there. But if you’re just trying to find the white rabbit in the wonderland or finding a missing present that Santa misplaced, you probably have nothing to worry about!

But, I am not a knowledgeable person 🙂

There is very few rooms where you need some prior knowledge for solving the puzzles and escaping the room – that practise is usually frowned upon from escape room enthusiasts. In a large majority of the rooms, you can find all the information you need right in the room. While knowledge can help you solve the puzzles faster, in is usually not a requirement!

I’m not good at maths and logic!

Math and logical puzzles are quite frequent types of puzzles you can find in an escape room. They, however, are usually not all that difficult. Usually, you also have a pen and paper or a blackboard available for your calculations, and in the end, if it really doesn’t work out, there is always a friendly room master to help you out with a hint. However! These kind of puzzles are just one of many! Even if you’re not really strong in maths or logic, we’re sure you’ll shine in other types of puzzles, that other members of your team maybe won’t see as clearly as you do! 😉

I’m claustrophobic. Being locked in a small room is my worst nightmare.

The rooms are not necessarily small! Keep in mind that most of the rooms are meant to comfortably accept 5 or even more people, without anyone stepping of someone else’s toes, so they offer quite a bit of space!  A large majority, if not all escape rooms also offer a panic button or a key next to the exit, that can let you out of the room in seconds if you want to leave the room quickly. Maybe it won’t make for the best escape room experience if you’ll have to use it, but it’s comforting to know you are always just a step away from exiting the room, if you’d have to!

A large majority, if not all escape rooms offer a panic button or a key next to the exit, that lets you exit the room in seconds!

It’s kind of expensive 🙁

It’s true – escape rooms are not the cheapest kind of entertainment out there. However, if you come with a full, or nearly full group, the expenses spread out between your team members, and it’s suddenly a lot more acceptable and comparable with a cinema ticket or two per person – with a lot more interactivity and challenge to offer. If you still find it expensive or can’t find enough interested players, maybe keep an eye out for promotions, or just save an escape room visit for a special occasion – birthdays, teambuildings, maybe even Valentine’s day or just a day out with your friends or family. We’re sure you’ll have a great time, and in the end, it’ll be worth every penny!

I won’t make it out in time!

No worries, they won’t just let you stay in there forever! 🙂 A majority of escape rooms have a hint system to make sure you make it out – sometimes just in time, or sometimes, some companies even extend the time for a bit, to let you finish the room and solve all the puzzles.

And what’s your reason to not visit an escape room?

We tried to ease your mind on a couple of most frequent worries and reasons not to visit an escape room. Do you have another one, or would like to add a comment to the ones we mentioned? Let us know!

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