More than 275 escape room companies with 390 escape rooms registered!

We at EscapeRoomsMaster are always working hard to fulfill our vision of being the best Escape rooms database for European escape room junkies out there. Since before September, we worked tirelessly to make the registration for escape room companies and adding their rooms to our page a smooth and easy process. We are trying to run a friendly, intuitive website for both our visitors as escape room owners – and hopefully, we are doing a good job at it.

The latest numbers – more than 275 escape room companies, with almost 400 rooms are already registered on our site, show that we are moving in the right direction. The best part? The companies registered on their own, and have full control of their accounts, can add or edit their information and rooms whenever they want! Thanks to everyone for registering, and special thanks for everyone that noticed some minor bugs that needed polishing out, or helped us with some of constructive criticism and ideas – we took all of that into account. Also, big thanks to everyone that just let us know that we are doing a good thing, thanks to everyone for your kind words of support! It means the world to us!

We also try to offer the best support possible to anyone that ran into some issues – and hopefully, everyone that had to come in touch with our support for whatever reason, will agree that we are putting our blood, sweat and tears into it. Want to know more about the team behind EscapeRoomsMaster? Check out “About us” section of the page.

What’s next?

December is slowly coming to an end – and with it, the development phase of registrations and adding rooms to the site. If you know a room that hasn’t registered yet, remind them to do it before the end of the year for special bonuses!

With the beginning of next year, we will be releasing the first big(ger) update to the site, targeted at escape room junkies rather than room owners. We will also be adding a couple new sections to the page in the not so distant future, so keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter or just check the page out from time to time for updates.

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