Improvements to adding rooms on EscapeRoomsMaster (also, the page is mobile friendly (-ish)!)

We are always working hard to make the user experience as friendly and easy for our users as possible. Lately, we’ve added a few fields you can fill in when adding your rooms – which will make it easier for you to enter them, as well as for visitors to find you!

1. Pricing update
Setting up a proper pricing entry fields proved to be a bit more challenging as we anticipated. We’ve moved away from ‘the lowest price in EUR’ concept, as it proved to be… well, not the best. We’ve added two additional fields for you when you are adding your rooms – currency, and type of price. You can choose currency from a dropdown menu, as well as the price type – which can be ‘per person’ or ‘per group’ – depending from your pricing type!


We hope entering pricing will be a lot more clear now, and it will certainly be easier for us to show it in proper form! Just fill in the fields, check a couple of dropdowns, and let us worry about the rest!

2. English language
We kindof missed this one in the beggining, but we’ve added it a while back – is your room available in English? A common question visitors want to know before visiting, and you can confirm your room is, indeed, available in English language with another simple dropdown when adding (or later, editing) your rooms.

3. Mobile friendly page!
We’ve put a great deal of effort into making our page mobile friendly aswell. There may still be some slitches every now and then, but mostly, our page should work and look well on your mobile devices now! 🙂

So what does it mean for those, who registered before? Absolutely no additional work is required, we took care of it for you. We assumed the availability in English based on your websites (or our experience if we visited you before), so some of you might not have the ‘confirmed english’ selected yet – you can check it out and edit your rooms if we missed you.

We are always doing our best to make your EscapeRoomsMaster experience

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