January poll results and the February poll!

Mid way through the month, we’ve collected the results of the January poll, where we wanted to find out in how many escape rooms our visitors were in January.

The majority (over 50%!) visited only 0-3 rooms in 2017, with the rest of the options being quite even in numbers. A couple of individuals even visited more than 50 escape rooms in a year – we can only say “Wow!” to you, and take our hats off :).


This month, we’d like to know your preferences about the group size, when visiting an escape room. Prefer going duo (or even solo)? Or do you follow the principle of the more, the merrier and try to find escape rooms for 6 or more people?

When visiting an escape room, how big of a group do you prefer to do it with?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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