Mission Sigma – VR adventure

An escape room in Southampton, United Kingdom
This room is available in english.
DEFUSE THE BOMB... OR WE'RE ALL TOAST! ​ Special Forces have located and neutralised a known terrorist who has been hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years. That's the good news... ​ Up on the roof of his abandoned high-rise, the maniac has left a huge bioweapon, with a timer on it. ​ You have been 'volunteered' to lead a team to neutralise the warhead, and Special Forces have helped you infiltrate the courtyard, but they won't go near the weapon. That's all down to you... Can you get past all the traps and save the city?

Room information:

Address: 40 Victoria Road, Southampton, United Kingdom
E-mail: info@sneakydogescapes.com
Phone: 02381783838
Website: https://www.sneakydogescapes.com/vr-escape-rooms
2 - 4
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
26 GBP per person
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
100 min
Time available.

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