Lost Son

An escape room in Sankt Wendel, Germany
This room is available in english.
Nothing is more important than family. Especially if you’re a member of the Baroldi family, who have ties with the Italian Mafia. Antonio – the youngest living member of the Baroldi dynasty – has lost the respect of his family and has been cast out. The final chance for him to restore his honour lies in passing a series of challenges.Mr. Nobody – a private detective and journalist – was hot on the heels of the Baroldi family when he fell into a trap. Suddenly, he finds himself needing to pass the challenges that were actually intended for Antonio. For the next 60 minutes, you will assume the role of Mr. Nobody. You wake up in a hotel room without any idea how you ended up there. To escape, you have to solve all the puzzles that were meant for the lost son of the Baroldi Family. Will you be able to escape?

Room information:

Address: Wendalinusstraße, 66606 Sankt Wendel, Sankt Wendel, Germany
E-mail: sanktwendel@teamescape.de
Phone: +49 157 7377 5219
Website: https://teamescape.com/sanktwendel/en/tickets-sanktwendel.html
Company: TeamEscape
2 - 6
Number of people
70 EUR per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

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