Escape Cloister Venice

An escape room in Venice, Italy
This room is available in english.
Escape Cloister Venice è una escape room storica ambientata nel suggestivo chiostro cinquecentesco dei SS. Cosma e Damiano…La missione? Trovare il manoscritto scomparso di Suor Arcangela Tarabotti, una rivoluzionaria protofemminista del XVII secolo. Il gioco non solo è costruito su autentiche storie monacali scritte dal celebre storico veneziano Alberto Toso Fei, ma coinvolge i partecipanti con oggetti, indizi e materiali creati proprio dagli artigiani delle botteghe ospitate nel chiostro come acqueforti, verto di murano, incisioni, carta filigranata e foto d’autore._______________________________________________________________________ This is an escape room that takes place in a sixteenth-century cloister. There is a lost manuscript to find, many enigmas to solve in a short time…Are you up for this challenge? Escape Cloister Venice is a historical escape room that takes part in the fascinating sixteenth century SS. Cosma and Damiano Cloister…What is your mission? Find the lost manuscript of Suor Arcangela Tarabotti! She was a revolutionary and protofeminist writer and nun who lived during the 17th century. The game is not only based on authentic stories of nuns written by the famous Venetian historian Alberto Toso Fei, but also involve the participants with objects, clues, and materials realized by the artisans of the workshops hosted inside the cloister, such as etchings, Murano glass, engravings, watermarks, and author photographs.

Room information:

Address: Calle Cosmo, 620, 30133 Venezia VE, Venice, Italy
Phone: +39 041 8878114
2 - 8
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
160 EUR per group
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
90 min
Time available.

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