Afterlife – The Paranormal Escape Room Experience

An escape room in London, United Kingdom
This room is available in english.
Almost fifty-five years ago, the mysterious death of Susan Jenkins (nee. Miller) gripped the press. In death, she became a figure of mystery and tragedy – a legend that refuses to die in the Afterlife. When her widow, Nelson Jenkins, was later found mysteriously dead with several sealed boxes alongside his body, Susan's mother, Eileen Miller, took control of his estate. It is said she locked away these boxes inside a cursed brown leather bag, either protecting or trapping the late Susan forever. Allegedly cursed to the earth every five years, Susan's soul is rumoured to be trapped inside these artefacts. Many further claim that Susan will speak to anyone who will hear her from the Other Side, telling them she is unable to pass on in peace. In the meantime, the cursed brown bag, sealed away since the death of Eileen, has passed from owner to owner, bringing with it a long history of mysterious fires. Despite never opening the bag, many have claimed to have contacted Susan. Mediums, psychics and even C-List TV celebrities have all claimed to have reached out and spoken to her. Some have even died in mysterious circumstances after these alleged contacts. All of this has given rise to the legend of THE MILLER CURSE.

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Address: 128 Hartington Road, SW8 2HJ, London , London, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 07429 792666
3 - 10
Number of people
Difficulty estimated by room owner.
29 GBP per person
Minimum price. Please, check the room's website for detailed pricing.
60 min
Time available.

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