Account types

At this point, three account types exsist: Free accountUltimate account and Premium account.

With Premium account, you show us your support and help us keep the page up and running, provide quality content, improve the page constantly – ads free! For your support, we offer you a bunch of goodies that Ultimate or Free accounts don’t offer. You can check out how you can show your support here:

More about premium accounts
Ultimate account was awarded to those, that registered before January 2016, and offers all the functionalities, available in December 2015 for free – for ever. Additional functionalities, that will be developed in the future, are not covered by Ultimate account.

Free accounts are, as the name suggests free, and everyone can register. Free accounts face a few limitations – No active links to their page, no option to add images to their rooms etc. At the moment, account upgrade is not yet possible, but is planned for the future.