Claim a room

With January 2016, registered visitors can add the rooms they visited (and were not previously added on our page). We allow that in order to make a more complete escape rooms database, and also, to enable a fair use of our individual profiles on EscapeRoomsMaster for everyone.

When a room is added via a form, available to our visitors, the room is added to our temporary Escape room company profile. We, clearly, don’t own these rooms, but we offer them a home until they are claimed by their real owners. We will also notify room owners about their rooms being added in a couple of days time at most, inviting them to register. Our team carefully moderates the rooms added, making sure they are not duplicates, and filling in additional information about the escape room added.

How to claim a room you own?

First of all, if you haven’t you’ll have to register you company profile on EscapeRoomsMaster (please, use your company email to speed up the claim process). When logged in and visiting an unclaimed room, an option will be available to you to claim the room as yours.

When clicked, you will be asked to confirm your claim on the room – to avoid happy missclicks :). If you confirm the claim, our team will be alerted and will investigate the claim, based on your registered account information.

If claim will be successfully resolved, you will be given the ownership of the room, and you can edit the room information as you would if you added the room yourself.

How to speed up the claim process?

Our team will have to confirm, that you are, indeed, the owner of the room. If they will need some additional confirmation, they will contact you. One way to speed up the process is to register with your company email – if you have one. Otherwise our team will contact you and find another way of confirming your claim.