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50 Shades

We tried this room but we had some technical problem that ruined the experience. The screen stopped to work and the room master had to come inside the room to fix it, something that you definitely want to avoid. There were too many locks and some of theme were of poor quality so even if you put the right code it did not work. The design and the look of the room are good but sometimes the riddles were not really connected. The place was just open so they can improve it, the room master was enthusiastic but it was not enough.
big thematic room
we had some issue with the screen and with the music too many locks not always logic
6.2 User Score

Mission: Matrix

Definitely a good room! Nice theme, logic puzzles and really different. They used a bit of technology and everything worked good. We had some problem with a couple of elements in the room but they will fix it. We were 2 and it was hard to escape but possible. The room master was nice and chatty.
different kind of riddles high thematic room nice technology used
a couple of objects worked poorly
9.0 User Score

Who killed the Painter?

This was my first room at Escape World, definitely a nice place: they have 9 rooms and enthusiastic room masters. "Who killed the Painter?" is a nice room with different kind of riddles and we escaped just in time but the theme did not hook us completely. The main problem was that there were too less things to do for a team of 5, I would advice this room for team from 2 to 4.
nice puzzles nice atmosphere
too less things to do for a team of 5
8.0 User Score


This is the worst escape room I did by far. The rooms are not professional: too basic, no attention for details, no theme, no story, no atmosphere. Some of the riddles don't have any logic, some are repetitive. The escape master was nice and passionate but in my opinion a lot of work have to be done to make escap3d a good escape room. In general it is not worthed to do it.
no theme no atmosphere repetitive riddles some puzzles don't have any logic really basic furniture
1.5 User Score

The Architect

Best escape room I ever made (9 so far)! Great atmosphere, perfect design, really nice and different puzzles. Everything is accurate and there is a big attention for every detail! If you live in Amsterdam or you go there for holiday you should definitely do it!
Best escape room so far Great atmosphere Perfect design Nice puzzles Loved the details
10.0 User Score

Casino Mysteria

So for it is the only escape room that I did not manage to solve in 1 hour. We were only 2 and I think this room needs at least 3 players (we were unable to solve one "puzzle") The design and the story are nice, the puzzles are challenging and the story begin from the very beginning. The decoration can be improved. The room master (and the creator of the room) was really nice. In general it is a challenging escape room but I did not like that one puzzle was not possible to solve for a team of 2.
The story start from the very beginning The room master Nice challenging puzzles
One of the puzzle could not be solved in a team of 2
7.7 User Score


Nice and challenging escape room for a good price. The peculiarity is that the room is in the dark so you need a front light to see better. This makes the room more challenging. The room master was nice and he spoke perfectly English. In general it was a cool escape room even if it can be improved in the look and desing.
Nice puzzles Good athmosphere The room is in the dark and you need lights, it makes the room more challenging
One of our light did not work properly The design and look of the room can be improved
8.2 User Score

Medioeval Room

This was my second escape room and I definitely liked it. Nice puzzles that fit with the medieval theme. Really friendly room master that also told us how they created/changed the room. We played in 2 and we escaped with few minutes left.
Nice atmosphere Friendly room master Puzzles fit the theme
A couple of puzzles where hard to solve/not too logic
8.2 User Score

Secret of the Vatican

Rally nice escape room for a good price. Could be improved in design but the atmosphere is nice and the room master friendly.
puzzles and pice
could be better in design
8.0 User Score


A really nice room with an unique atmosphere. We were 2 and we managed to escape just in time. The all experience was nice and I really liked some puzzles.
puzzles and concept
staff not very friendly
8.2 User Score

Traveller’s Suite

This was my first room and I liked it. The puzzles are nice but there are too many locks on my opinion. The design and the atmosphere could be better. In general a good escape room also doable in 2 players.
Design and Atmosphere could be better
7.0 User Score

Zombie Escape

Really nice escape room: I loved the atmosphere. The puzzles are nice and everything makes sense. We were a team of 5 and we escaped quite easily: they told us that we were one of the best team ever but would add a couple of riddles. In general was really funny, I would recommend this escape room.
* Atmosphere * Nice puzzles * Friendly staff
8.5 User Score