Just random?

Puzzle active from 18th January 2016 to 24th January 2016
The puzzle isn't active any more! You can only get Escape Rooms Master points while the puzzle is valid. You can, however, still solve it at a later time, without gaining any ERM points.


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The second one should not be much of a challenge either. You might think, it’s just about reading a bunch of text. Soon, you’ll realize how dull and unimaginative that would be, and start looking for other solutions.

Maybe it’s seven? Maybe it’s nine? Maybe this is just a random text, just to keep you from finding the real solution? Naaah, random text would look something like this:

He do subjects prepared bachelor juvenile ye oh. He feelings removing informed he as ignorant we prepared. Evening do forming observe spirits is in. Country hearted be of justice sending. On so they as with room cold ye. Be call four my went mean. Celebrated if remarkably especially an. Going eat set she books found met aware.

So this isn’t it either. In the end, you’ll see that it was as easy as those high school projects – just copy-pasting.

So, you think you've got it?

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