Joel Wiesmann

Nidau, Switzerland

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The Art Gallery

Been there a while ago. Love the industrial location. I think this was one of the first rooms that company built and they did a good job. I can absolutely recommend the room.
Puzzle design, location
8.5 User Score

The Curse of Yama

Great room. Did it in a team of two and could get out in-time. Amazing riddles and a few surprises! Story is understandeable and the immersion is one of the best experience I had so far. Gamemaster was a pro and did not spoil anything before the game start.
Atmosphere, Story, Puzzles
10.0 User Score

Escape from Bâlecatraz

One of the best rooms in Switzerland I did so far. Atmosphere is breathtaking and you can even choose between several difficultis.
- Atmosphere - Chance to choose difficulty
10.0 User Score