Let’s get your escape room news published!

One of the additions we are adding to EscapeRoomsMaster in January is an option for companies to have their news posted on our website! Is your company opening a new room? Are you planning an awesome event and everyone should know about it? Or maybe, you just did something extraordinary and would like to share your achievement with the rest of escape room enthusiasts? We’ll be especially delighted if you read an article or watched an escape room related video clip, and would like to share it with the rest of us!

We have the thing for you! You can send us your news via a web form. Simply fill in the information, and let us check it out. We’ll be posting the received news on our Facebook profile, Twitter and blog page – depends on the content received.

It’s just the first step we are making towards creating a live, up to date escape room portal. Stay in touch in the next few weeks for updates on what we’ve prepared for you!

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