An escape room in Peterborough, United Kingdom
This room is available in english.
You have successfully been in space for 176 days and are now returning home after completing your space mission. Your crew come across an abandoned space craft and decide to investigate. You have all been transported onto the alien craft to carry out investigations. Whilst you are exploring what seems to be the rest and relaxation area, the space craft is hit by a meteor strike and there is now a breach in the hull. All areas are now on lock down. Trapped in the space lounge, you need to find the manual override code to escape through to the escape craft. You quickly realise that there is a problem with the oxygen being supplied to the lounge. The oxygen levels in the room are beginning to decrease and you only have 60 minutes to find the code to get out of the room before your oxygen levels are depleted.

Room information:

Address: Hour Escape Rooms, Unit 6F Aston Business Park, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough, PE2 7BF, Peterborough, United Kingdom
2 - 6
Number of people
18.00 GBP per person
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